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Becoming An Empowered Empath Is Only One Step Away

Empowered empaths actually love themselves and take no BS. 

  Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? By your emotions, your feelings, and the words and actions of others that you constantly over-analyze?  

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally accept yourself and stop second-guessing everything you say and do?  

  How would it feel to actually be self-confident, and feel powerful about who you are and why you’re here? Being able to walk into a room and not feel the need to hide or run away?  

I know your whole life they told you that you’re too sensitive.  

  I know they told you that you’re strange for feeling so much, so deeply.  

I know you’re fed up with being taken advantage of by people because they find a way to turn everything around and back on you. It’s painful living a life where you always do the right thing yet seem to attract all the wrong people. People who have no problem being harsh or rude to you, or taking you for granted. It’s hard to move forward in life when it seems like all you do is constantly replay situations where you wish you’d done or said things differently. Well there IS another way to live. You CAN be confident in who you are and what you’re here to do- your life mission and purpose. You CAN walk with your head held high, knowing that you are meant to be here and in fact a leader, not a follower. You WILL discover the truth of just how magnificent being empathic really is, all it takes is some new information and for you to open up to yourself. You WILL be able to enjoy being in your own skin, knowing that the actions and words of others mean nothing about who you are, because you are strong, worthy, and on purpose.

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I’m Maliha Cox, transformation coach, intuitive channeler, and soul activator. One of my specialties is guiding empaths to see the truth of who they really are- empowered teachers, healers, and the leaders this world so desperately needs.  

I know you want to feel strong again.  

I know you want to feel worthy of actually living the dream life that you fantasize about in your mind, yet somehow feel exists for someone else, and not you.  

I know you are desperately craving a connection to your own brilliance, because you know it will take you to your next level in life.  

That level being a place where you no longer question yourself and who you are.  

Where you make empowered decisions and deeply trust yourself and the people in your life as well.  


My course- The Empowered Empath is designed to bring you all of that and more. I love giving you- my fellow empaths, the answers to solving all of these years’ long riddles that have taken up too much space in your brain and life for so long. It’s a way to stop the madness and the endless monkey mind chatter that constantly yaps away in your mind. It’s all the information about how you are actually a blessing in the world, everything that helps you reclaim your power. Because I know you’re tired of watching people come in and steal it from you, in one way or another. This is for you if you’re ready to finally break free, move on from the pain, and start living your best life. That life where you don’t feel burdened by your sensitivity. That life where you actually know what to say when someone tries to step on your toes yet again. That life where you truly feel in control of your next steps because you’re grounded, centered, and calm inside. Happy inside. Truly joyful and not just pretending to be. This is for you if you’re ready for your MORE- more than what you’ve been settling for so far. If you’re ready to stop hiding what actually makes you special, if you’re ready for freedom from the pain, this is for you. This is the best possible way to make all this happen.


My course-The Empowered Empath. Because there’s no fluff, no BS, no extra nonsense you don’t need to hear. It’s the opposite- the actual answers specific to the empath journey and how to make it work FOR you, not against you. Clear-cut and straight to the point lessons that empower you, probably for the first time ever. I’ve been told that the information I share about the empath journey has cleared away years’ long held limiting beliefs. Decades of pain can be washed away just by receiving the right information about who you are and why you’re here. What I teach in these lessons will bring you an immense feeling of validation and confirmation that you are so lovable, so valuable, and absolutely meant to be here making a difference in the world. There’s a reason why even the lessons I teach in the free challenge are powerful enough to bring my group members to tears. It’s because they are extremely potent, relevant, and exactly what an empath needs to hear to finally stop the pain. To finally be seen, truly seen and given the tools necessary to let go of the limiting beliefs that have held them back for years.  

Here’s what’s included: 

✨ Lesson One ✨

You Are MEANT To Be Here  

You DO have SUCH an important place to claim in the world, and a powerful community to welcome you- your SOUL FAMILY. Truly understanding that you really are part of a movement designed to bring amazing positive change to the world is priceless. Get ready to be blown away when you finally realize how important you are.

Lesson Two

The Beauty Of Your BECOMING

The trauma of your past has created a diamond sent to shine and illuminate the world. Learn how to finally understand WHY you went through all you have and be at peace with it. Knowledge empowers you to release your guilt, shame, and regret.

Lesson Three

How Important You Really Are To The World

You are a leader, teacher, and healer, truly a living, breathing BLESSING to others. Start getting in touch with YOUR true purpose. You will be BLOWN AWAY when you see the magnitude of the change and impact you're here to create.

Lesson Four

The Answers To Doing Your Life's Work

  The 3 Key Aspects of stepping into your power so you can fulfill your mission changing lives. Your life doesn't truly begin until you can fully own and step into your power. That feeling of expansion and heart-bursting happiness is ready for you to claim it and you deserve it!

Lesson Five ✨ 

Your Empathy Is A Blessing Not A Burden  

 Lesson number five is all about why your gift of empathy is a blessing and not a curse. Truly understanding the depth of this will help you to move forward in a way that you just haven’t been able to so far. Empaths are the strongest people I know, and it's time for you to know that means YOU too.

Lesson Six  

Why People Treat You The Way They Do,  

and What You Can Do About It

 Lesson number six is all about why people treat you the way they do, the way they have so far- and what you can in fact do about it. This is crucial to moving forward knowing that there is nothing wrong with you, knowing that in fact you are incredibly special and gifted and powerful. That’s why they try to dim your shine and invalidate you. Because you see them for who they really are, even when they’re trying to hide.  

Lesson Seven ✨  

How To Pass Your Tests and Ascend

 Your seventh lesson is all about how to pass your tests and ascend. It’s all about reframing and truly understanding what is happening in your life so you can use it to grow and be stronger than ever. So you can progress rather than remain stuck and stagnant, stuck in your painful memories.  

Lesson Eight  

How To Finally Feel Self-Love and Confidence

 Your eighth lesson is on how to open back up to yourself and truly feel self-love and self-confidence. This allows you to unlock your potential, your abundance, and your expansion. It is absolutely crucial for you to move forward healing yourself and changing the world.  


✨ I've included action steps throughout the course to make it an interactive experience and to help empower you toward clearing away your limiting beliefs and energetic emotional blocks.  

✨ Each lesson also comes with a journaling exercise to really get to the root of the issues once and for all. For a final release and clearing so you can move forward with a true understanding and peace in your heart about all of it.  

And I don't stop there. No way! I'm here to provide MASSIVE transformations, so-


Bonus #1- 

Grounding and Protection Techniques For Empaths

Get the exact methods I use revealed and explained to you. These techniques will bring such clarity and peace to your life. These are the real-life action steps to overcoming the feelings of anxiety and distress that empaths so often experience. No more getting overwhelmed due to other's energy or their attacks.

Bonus #2-

Live Coaching and Q&A Session Right From 

My Ascending Empaths FB Group

Get answers to the most common empath concerns and questions. Get insight into how to finally understand and reframe your life experience as an empath so you can stop feeling like everyone's doormat. Find out how to respond to those who push you around.

Remaining stuck where you’re at is literally costing you your happiness, and this course helps you get unstuck, which essentially then becomes priceless.  

Each lesson goes in depth on all of these topics that I just mentioned, and just one section of just one lesson is enough to clear away decades of pain and mental anguish that you’ve been experiencing like a broken record for years.  

Again- priceless.  


But I don’t charge some crazy amount for you to get your hands on this course.  

It's not a thousand dollars.  

It should be a couple hundred dollars.  

But it’s not.  


It’s only $97- right now.  

Get your hands on this course today and you will have lifetime access.  

Your life will change overnight.  

So what is it worth to you? Stepping into the empowered version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be?  

I would hope more than $97. 

Which is less than most monthly cell phone payments...  


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The feedback I received from the free empath lessons I’ve given in my Facebook group has been amazing- group members writing heartfelt messages of being brought to tears because they finally feel confirmed and validated. YES! So then just imagine what you’re going to get in the course if my free content is that powerful.  


So how do you know if this is right for you?  

Well just ask yourself-  

Are you happy where you’re at right now?  

Do you feel burdened by your depth of sensitivity?  

Do you get stuck in your emotions and constantly replay how you should have done or said things differently?  

Do you feel like you attract nothing but people who don’t see your worth and who take advantage of you?  

And are you finally tired of all that?  

Are you tired of living your life that way and wish you finally felt peace in your heart about who you are, and confident in your gifts, abilities, and life purpose?  


Then this is absolutely for you.  

I know what it’s like to be an empath in pain. I know what it’s like to feel like it’s just too hard, to feel overwhelmed and lost.  

But I promise you- that is only temporary.  

Once you get the tools you need, the information you need, the divinely guided downloads I’ve included in these lessons- you will be literally shocked at how differently you view yourself.  

You will be amazed at what is actually possible for you and your life.  


You will finally stop seeing yourself as weak.  

You will finally stop going over and over your constant regrets because you will actually understand why everything happened the way it did, who you are and why you’re here.  


You can get lifetime access to The Empowered Empath Course today for just $97. 

Click the link below to get immediate access.  


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