Take the guesswork out of creating and running a wildly profitable business!

What if you had a step-by-step framework to show you how to start and run a successful business?  

What if the process was in fact, much easier and more straightforward than you thought?


 What if you had a...

Road Map To Profits?

Lucky for you, I've created it-

The RoadMap To Profits Business Course!

How would it feel to stop spinning your wheels, not knowing where to begin or which tasks are most important?


How would it feel if you had clear-cut, concise, and straight to the point lessons that taught you everything you need to know from deciding on your niche to signing clients and finding customers?


What if you actually had a program that not only gave you strategy, but taught you about cultivating a healthy business mindset as well?  

Well you can have ALL of that.  

I know it’s tough for you right now.  

I know it’s been difficult, and frustrating for you so far.  

Watching your competitors absolutely killing it in their business, and not knowing what you’re doing wrong that’s keeping you stuck.  

It’s painful when the bills keep coming in, yet you’re not making enough income to support yourself.  

It’s hard when you feel like you’re failing and it seems like everyone is watching you spiral downwards.  

How many times have you wondered if running a business is just too hard?  

How often have you wanted to quit because the frustration of not knowing where to start or what to prioritize is overwhelming you?  

Is spending your day pouring your efforts into a business that is not giving you a return making you feel hopeless and ready to tear your hair out?  

Do you feel like spending the next week in bed because you’re exhausted from trying to make this work?


I totally understand.  

That’s how I spent my first few months in business so I get you.  

Because there is no magic pill.  

There’s no “one size fits all” business plan that someone can teach you that will give you instant success.  

There is no such thing as overnight success.  

But there IS a way for you to approach this that will lead you forward and bring you results.  

Of course you and your business are completely unique, therefore I’m not going to tell you that exactly what I do for my business is going to work for yours.  

But what I CAN tell you with 100% confidence is that every single business needs a strong foundation and certain key elements that will lead to successful marketing and making sales.  

Every single business needs to have a few crucial ingredients that are non-negotiable for success.  

• Alignment, Abundance, Ascension- energy work related to business  

• How to Nail Your Niche- find out who you'll serve, your ideal audience  

• Create Your Profitable Offer- decide exactly what you'll teach/offer and how  

• Marketing Yourself Authentically- getting visible in a way that feels amazing to YOU  

• Mindset Mastery- get rid of comparison-itis and develop real confidence in yourself

These are the five non-negotiables that every business must have in place in order to be successful.


Here's why-  

Your business has a unique presence, and an energy all its own. This is embodied by your brand and is directly affected by your own energy, quite naturally. That’s why you need to learn about being in alignment, abundance mindset, and how to ascend to your next level personally so you can do it professionally.  

Next is discovering who your ideal audience is, nailing your niche. Because if you don’t know who you're speaking to, then you’re wasting your marketing efforts aren’t you?  

Discovering exactly what you’re going to teach if you're a service provider, or exactly what you’re going to offer if you're a product-based business, is obviously crucial as well. You have to know what people want and whether or not you can deliver it.

Next up is being able to market yourself authentically. Knowing how to not come across as too "salesy", while not being afraid to ask for the sale either. This is a fine line and you need to know how to navigate it, and also in a way that feels good to you so you actually show up and do it.  

In regards to confidence, you simply have to have it. Period. Nobody buys from a shrinking wallflower who doesn’t believe in their own product or service, do they?  

I know I can help you get dialed in with all of these aspects of creating a successful business, because I’ve done it for myself and I’m happy to teach you as well.  

I’m Maliha Cox and I'm an alignment coach for entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you create a bigger income and a bigger impact. More Money, More Time, More Freedom. These are your results when you work with me or take my courses.  

If you’re somebody who is driven and passionate about running your own business and changing lives, then I’m already your friend and fan.  

Because that’s what I’m here to do as well. I understand craving the independence and the financial and time freedom that comes from being your own boss.  

I know what it’s like to have an amazing product or service that you know will help people if only you could just get them to see it.  

So I’m here to help you make that dream a reality.

I know you want to be able to support yourself and your family.


I know you want to be able to spoil your loved ones and spend as much time as possible with them.  

I know you’re done feeling like your life is not yours because it’s filled with a hundred and one tasks that you hate doing.


I know you can’t wait to get your product or service into the hands of the people who need it most, watching their eyes light up because you’ve just changed their life.  

You want to be more than financially stable, you’re ready for financial abundance and all of the freedom that comes with that.  

I know.  

So let’s get you there. I’ve mapped out the exact system you need to make all of that happen.  


The Roadmap To Profits Business Course

Videos 1-3 pictured above

Videos 4,5 and Bonus #1 pictured above

PDFs and Assignments 1-3 pictured above

Bonus video #2, plus

PDFs and Assignments 4 and 5 pictured above


Within this course I go in depth on all of the five core aspects of running a successful business that I told you about just a moment ago.  

I give you exactly what you need to know about each one of those topics so you can build a strong foundation for your business that gives you everything you need to start making money.  

You cannot run a successful business if you don’t understand the image of your brand and what it is communicating to people. Nor if you don’t understand how your own personal energy is affecting your results.  

You cannot run a successful business if you don’t know who your target audience is, who your ideal audience is.  

You are definitely not going to run a successful business if you don’t know which product or service is going to sell the best, what your ideal audience actually needs and wants from you.


There’s no way you’re going to be able to market yourself effectively if you’re not being authentic. There’s no way your message is going to resonate if you don’t know the first thing about pitching a product or service.  

And lastly- having a healthy business mindset is crucial. I guarantee you that you’re spending hours upon hours each week worrying about things that have no business eating up your time and this is costing you clients, profits, and sales.  

On top of the five core lessons included in the course- I also give you assignments that teach you how to apply these principles for your exact business.

That’s right-you will actually go through the motions of learning how to customize what I’m teaching for your exact business, so I’m taking you all the way and never leaving you hanging.


On top of that- you will receive a BONUS lesson- 

The Five-Step Client Onboarding System!

You will learn exactly what you need to have a strong foundation for your business, from strategy to mindset, as well as an exact plan to help you continuously attract customers and clients.


A complete client attraction system that is scalable. Helping you to deliver a wide range of products and services so you can expand, keep growing, hitting new income goals over and over.  

This is for you if you’re tired of going around in circles not knowing where to start.  

This is for you if you’re done with trying to figure out which tasks to prioritize first, or at all.


This is for you as you’re ready to be financially independent, financially abundant, and actually start getting results from your time and efforts.


And this is most definitely for you if you want to have an easy, clear cut and concise system to follow that completely takes all the guesswork out of the process.


This is the best possible way for you to get going with your business because I take you step-by-step, holding your hand at each step of the way.  

Each lesson is designed to be very thorough, with action steps at the end for you to customize it for your exact business needs.


You simply follow along with the lessons and before you know it you’ll know exactly how to handle any situation that comes up because of the energy and mindset techniques I give you.  

You’ll know exactly how to nail your target audience, create an offer they’re absolutely craving, market it to them successfully, and start selling your services or product in a way that feels perfectly authentic for you.  

You’re also getting the bonus lesson that takes your client or customer all the way from their first interaction with you to an introductory offer, then upsell, high touch offer, down sell, all of it. You leave no one out of the sales process and nothing off of the table with this system.


What you are receiving is video lessons, assignments, and bonus material that is designed to give you what you need in the most efficient way possible so you can get results ASAP.  

I Want This Course

Here’s what’s included-

• Module One- Alignment, Abundance, Ascension

 Energy work related to business. Now if you think about it- your business has an energy and a unique expression, which is directly affected by your energy and how you feel within yourself and your soul. Your business is an extension of you. 

The way you feel about yourself is going to affect how you show up in your business, or whether or not you’re able to show up at all. So we’ll begin first with alignment. This step is CRUCIAL.


The next thing is your abundance mindset. You have to know that abundance is your birthright. And I know you’ve heard something similar to that before, but it is absolutely true and you have to know it deep in your soul. 

Next up is Ascension. Ascension is all about moving to the next level. Literally ascending to a higher place. A higher place of understanding. A new level of success. Because if you’re not ascending, then you are remaining stagnant. And if you are remaining stagnant, then you’re not progressing and growing your business.

• Module Two- How to Nail Your Niche

Find out who you'll serve, your ideal audience. It is absolutely essential that you know who you’re speaking to, that you know who you’re serving in your business. 

You cannot be everything to everyone. If you try to be- then your content will be bland, generic, and not captivating at all. You’ve got to be able to speak the language of your ideal clients if you want them to resonate with you. And in order to speak their language, you kinda have to know who they are.

• Module Three- Create Your Profitable Offer

Decide exactly what you'll teach and how. What do the people in your ideal audience need? What does the person that embodies your niche crave

What is missing from their life? What are they struggling with that they are desperate to change? Discovering what your ideal audience needs your help with is so much easier now that you understand who they are. 

You can dive deep into what their pain points are and create an offer their really speaks to them. You can create a course, a program, a workshop, a training series, a product, or a service that is going to alleviate their pain. 

You can create something that will take them to their next level. You can create something that will bring them relief, or joy, or fulfillment. The possibilities are almost endless here, and it’s a matter of bringing a few key factors together to create magic for your ideal client.


• Module Four- Marketing Yourself Authentically

Getting visible in a way that feels amazing to YOU. We’re going to discover how to get your message to your people. 

We’re going to figure out how to get you and your new profitable offer in front of the people who need it most in a way that makes you excited to show up for them. 

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is trying to be like everyone else. Trying to market their business in a way that they see others doing. 

Now there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from your mentors or learning from the people that come before you. It’s important to take what you’re taught and implement it, definitely. 

But you must do it in a way that honors your soul, in a way that feels true to who you are. Lesson 4 teaches you exactly how to do this as it applies to YOUR business.


• Module Five- Mindset Mastery

Get rid of comparison-itis and develop real confidence in yourself. Mindset is so important when it comes to your mental health and getting results in your business. 

Everything begins with your thoughts and your energy so by you having the right mindset, you’re setting yourself up for success in your personal life and in business. 

The thoughts you think create the words you say which directly affect your behaviors as well. Three things that really affect your mindset are societal pressures, triggers, and your sense of self-love. We’re going to talk about all three in this lesson.  

Remember that each and every lesson comes with an assignment at the end that gives you easy to follow action steps to customize the information and apply it to your exact business.


This is not random information that you won’t be able to get results with. I am literally teaching you how to personalize it for your exact business needs.  

I’ve received the most positive feedback for the BONUS training- 

The Five Step System For Onboarding Clients.


This is your long term plan for getting and keeping clients. It teaches you everything you need to start and keep getting PAID.  

Everything from how to get clients onto your email list, to how to present your entry level offer, upsells, down-sells, and client retention too.  

Here’s a breakdown of all the value packed within this course:  

All Five Modules/Lessons-

a $297 value


The Complete 5 Step Client On-boarding System-

a $197 value  

Knowing that you’re finally on the right track to creating a successful and most importantly, PROFITABLE business…


But guess what? It’s not priced at $500.

Or $200.

Or even $100.

It’s only


Right now that is…


The price will be going up to $47 in 2021 because it’s well worth it. 

Every penny of it and more.

So get it now for only $27 while you still can.

Get your roadmap to success now, at this amazing no-brainer price.  

The Roadmap To Profits Business Course

This is for you if:


You’re ready to stop spinning your wheels in your business and watch it finally take off!

You’re done sitting at the computer for hours on end, wondering what the heck you’re supposed to be doing!

You’re beyond ready to start serving your clients and making sales!!

The thought of throwing in the towel on your business is killing you and you desperately need a way out of the overwhelm!

The time to make money is NOW, and you’re ready for an easy to follow, step by step system that takes out all the guesswork for you. 


You CAN do this. You are SO READY to be successful.

Get your game plan now.

Get your step by step client onboarding system NOW.

Get all the info and business lessons you need NOW.

Get your clients NOW.

You know what all that leads to right??

You…. Getting paid- NOW.


Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? 


P.S. I've included a surprise 2nd BONUS! 

It's a special treat that's only available to those who enroll in the Roadmap To Profits Business Course  

Click here below and it’s ALL yours instantly.

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Want To See What Others Are Saying?

" Unlike other business courses, what sets this course apart from the others is that it starts with the concept of Alignment. By starting with Alignment, you get to tune into what is true for you, what you want to create in your business and what is most in service to your soul.

Starting from this place means that you're then choosing strategy and tactics that feel most suited to who you are and not something that worked for others but may not suit you.

For me, this has been pivotal in the way I now see my business grow.

What I have come to realise in business is there are so many ways to make money and grow your business. They all work but you get to choose what is most aligned to you.

This course teaches you that and more.

One aspect of the course that I liked was how to market yourself authentically - so helpful when you're trying to do it in a way best suited to me.

I also found the client onboarding system helpful as most other courses focus on marketing heavily and then you're left to figure out how to bring on a client successfully.

So it was a great bonus that was included.

If you're about to launch your business or change focus in your business, this course will definitely help you consider how you wish to create your business and take action from a safe and aligned space. It did for me! "

- Shari Mubarak

Financial Advisor and Money Coach, Real Estate Investor

" The course was the Roadmap to a Profitable Business and let me tell you - there is NOTHING like this in the world!

It's your own personal step by step guide on how to build your brand and grow your business to unimaginable levels!!

From branding to marketing posts...you get it ALL in a simple, efficient and replicable method!


I truly love how Maliha has changed my life! "

- Dr. Amy Patel

Psychologist and Entrepreneur, CEO of Flow.International

" I want to start off by saying IM NOT THE “type” to stress over things out of my control!!

Due to this whole corona virus going on I’ve had more time to spend at home and dial down on my business but was really confused on where to start and how to put nothing but positive energy into it without thinking NO ONE WILL BUY PRODUCTS AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!

After watching some of Maliha’s videos I have been been able to gain the confidence I need to continue to push hard with my business!!

It’s something about how she explains everything and the energy she gives through her videos motivate me even more to NOT GIVE UP!!

I needed this and got it from her at a perfect time!!!

She is the best ever and would really recommend her if you are lost and confused!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH MALIHA!!! Sending you hugs and kisses your way "

- Ashley McWhorter

Personal Trainer, Skin Care Specialist, Entrepreneur

Let me put your mind at ease by answering your questions now:

Is this a ONE TIME payment of $27?

YES! This is NOT a subscription, you will NOT be charged monthly. It is a ONE TIME only payment of just $27.

Why are you giving ALL this away for so cheap??

Because I realize that not everyone has $5,000 to spend on business coaching when they're just starting out. Because I want you to get the tools to be successful RIGHT AWAY. Plus, I'm hoping you'll see all the value I packed into this and want to work with me more in the future. When you win, I win too! ;)

When will I see results?

If you implement what I teach you right away, there's no reason why you shouldn't see an immediate change in your business. Of course I'm not promising you a specific number of clients or dollar amount. All I can do is tell you what I've achieved and show you the positive feedback from other students.

I'm new to business. I feel like a fish out of water. Will this help me?

Yes it will because this content is designed for those who are just starting out in business, or those who need help growing their existing business to actually get clients and make sales. This is NOT for seasoned entrepreneurs making multiple 5 and 6 figures already. So DON'T WORRY, you're exactly who I made this course for!

Why shouldn't I just google my way to business success? Why not take all the freebies I can get and hope that'll get me clients, sales, and a successful business?

Well it hasn't worked so far has it? When you invest in yourself, you show up more powerfully because you actually have some skin in the game. And compared to most business courses, this is virtually a no-risk investment because it's so cheap. That's why I've set it at a no-brainer price. So you can get what you need without stressing about the money.

Is this only for service based businesses, or will it work for a product based business too?

This course will help you whether you're selling services, or products. If you're offering coaching, consulting, courses, digital or physical products, you still need the basics of business, which this course provides. The exercises will help you to customize it to YOUR SPECIFIC BUSINESS.

Do I need fancy software to access the course?

No. All you need is an internet connection, which I know you have since you're viewing this page right now. ;)

How do I get access to the course and the client on-boarding system?

As soon as you purchase, your course access link is emailed to you right away. When you purchase, you provide your email address and then the email with the course information automatically flys through the interwebs to your inbox!

I've seen other online offers that don't deliver. Will I actually receive the course once I purchase it?

Absolutely. I take my business very seriously and am here to help make people's lives better. It's an honor and a blessing for me to be of service and I respect your trust you place in me by making your purchase. Also, I believe 100% in karma! You get what you give, that's why I give alot and follow through with my clients and customers when they invest in my courses and services.

I don't have a business yet. Will this help me?

Yes because it's designed to help you find your niche (audience of ideal customers) and create your profitable offer (product or service). You will also learn how to market yourself authentically so you can actually show up and sell.

Is everything available right away?

Yes, the email with the course details is triggered as soon as you purchase the course. It's automated to send immediately to the email address you provide.

How long do I get to keep the course?

You get lifetime access to the course. There is no expiration date!

What if it's not what I expect?

I offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. I'm committed to your satisfaction with my product, so if you're not happy then email me and I'll provide you with a full refund.

Here's everything you're getting today:

• Module One- Alignment, Abundance, Ascension

Video Lesson 1

• Module Two- How to Nail Your Niche

Video Lesson 2

• Module Three- Create Your Profitable Offer

Video Lesson 3

• Module Four- Marketing Yourself Authentically

Video Lesson 4

• Module Five- Mindset Mastery

Video Lesson 5

PLUS Assignments and Journal Prompts for

ALL FIVE Lessons to CUSTOMIZE the course to


Bonus Video #1- The Complete 5 Step Client Onboarding System

Bonus Video #2- A Special Surprise Only Offered To Clients of The RoadMap To Profits Business Course

✅ Course Value- $297

Complete Client Onboarding System Value- $197

But I'm NOT charging $500!!!

It's only $27

Here's even MORE feedback from the EXACT video lessons you're getting!

You know it's time to get help.

Because you don't know what you don't know that's holding you back.

Remember, nothing changes if you don't make a change.

And for just $27, you have nothing to lose.

Click here below and it’s ALL yours instantly.

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